SPECTRA PLC has its humble beginning  in 2008 when the company started with a limited product range for both interior and exterior of buildings. The quality of the products on offer, the competitiveness in prices and the customer service we provided soon propelled us to one of the leading provider of solutions in the field of interior and outdoor finishing material in the country. The company’s  product lines are seen in major Government projects, tourist resort development projects, major functions and events, and many private offices and households as well. SPECTRA is now poised for growth with a clearer vision.
The management aims to bring sophisticated processes, technology and skills, which are needed to take the business to the next level. SPECTRA have plans to engage in businesses and industries that are doing well at a macro level. In this regard growth sectors such the construction industry and the tourism industry are key growth areas identified by the management for strategic purposes.

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Spectra PLC

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